First Page - All about me

- Strengths, favorites, and things I need to work on.-

My strengths:

I am agile and have good muscle control. I'm also very good at dodging opponents in basketball.

I enjoy programming and building robots. This year (2022) I aim to build a solar robot, further explore circuit boards, and eventually get to building a laptop.

I also like writing fictional stories based off of history, could be one of the reasons I excel in ELA.

Lastly, I exceed in playing the violin (mozart concerto let's go)

Things I need to work on:

I do need to practice more in music theory.

When the pool fully reopens, I want to increase my ability in performing the 4 strokes.


..color: green

...sport: badminton, basketball, and swimming

...food: anything that tastes good and is known by human to be edible food (except durian lol)

...movie genre: fantasy, historical fiction, documentaries

...music genre: EDM

...type of video game: FPS

here's a meme generator ↓

me my doge